Catnip cat toys

Catnip cat toys

By: Ewa Date: kwi 13, 2019

The right dose of movement and entertainment is a very important element of every cat's day. Without these elements, the pet will fall into boredom and sometimes even depression, both may have a negative effect on the pet's health. A bored pet can also start to behave aggressively and unload its frustrations, e.g. on your furnitures.

How to keep your cat entertained?

Currently, on the market you can find a wide range of toys and scratchers for cats, which will provide your beloved feline with fun and will stimulate all senses of your pet, which is important for the proper development of your fur friend. It is important that the accessories match the individual needs of your cat. The toys should be light and easily fit in the cat's paws and mouth.


How to play with your cat?

The cat has the most developed hunting instinct among all pets. He loves it when he can hide behind a piece of furniture or some cardboard box. Let the cat hunt down its "victim". A well-chosen toy will provide the cat with mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. You can choose from a wide variety of toys such as toys on a stick or a string, toys with bells, feathers, catnip and even those without additional gadgets. 


Bonding with your cat

Although cats are individualists and do not need as much attention as dogs, it is worth to spend at least half an hour a day with your cat playing. The cat's character, which commands them to walk their own paths, does not exclude a good relationship between a human and a cat. Strengthening the bond between you and your feline while playing together will also help you gain respect for your pet.


Catnip cat toys

Catnip, jokingly called the legal cat's drug, stimulate cats and introduces them into an euphoric mood. It makes the cat begin to rub against the toy, at the same time murmuring and moaning loudly. Over 50% of cats are susceptible to catnip and will not pass by indifferently. The intoxicating effect of catnip affects the cat for 10-15 minutes, after this time the interest may decrease to return later after a few hours. The reason for such a stimulating effect of the plant on cats is the terpene which is a cat pheromone. For the same reason, catnip is much more interesting to cats in reproductive age than to young kittens or older cats. Catnip is completely harmless to cats.

By: Ewa


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